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Official Backends

Acrarium is an open source backend created by the current maintainer of ACRA.

Acralyzer is an open source backend created by the original author of ACRA. It is currently unmaintained. It can be used as is, and is quite stable. But no support will be provided at the moment.

Commercial Backends

Tracepot is a hosted solution for anyone who needs a backend.


Most of these Backends should work with ACRA 5, but their documentation hasn't been updated, most are not in active development.

Is your backend in this section? Update your documentation and move it up!

Open source solutions

Google AppEngine hosting:

PHP Hosting:

Ruby Hosting:

  • Acracadabra forwards reports to an email address. Allows to receive reports by mail without going through an intent (and user action to send the mail)
  • Johnny Crash

Python Hosting:

Node.js Hosting:


  • acra-go Backend written in Go language, comes with dashboard, no external dependencies.
  • acra-collector Backend written in Rust. Very simple, no dashboard. Logs the crash to a file and sends an e-mail.