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Troubleshooting Guide

On this page you'll find some common issues and their solutions.

Instant Run

We cannot guarantee ACRA will work with instant run enabled. Always try to reproduce an error with instant run disabled before reporting it.

Legacy Multidex

If you are using legacy multidex, ensure that ACRA.init(...) is called after Multidex.install().


ACRA uses a service to send crash reports. This service runs in a separate process to ensure that reports can be sent even when your own VM is dying from an unhandled exception. This means that a new instance of your application will be started and Application.onCreate() will be called again. If you are performing once only tasks in Application.onCreate() then check the name of the current process and don't do them if the process name is :acra. You can use ACRA.isACRASenderServiceProcess() for this.